Solution for workforce management

Complete solution for streamlining workforce processes

One of the biggest challenges of growing companies is managing increasing number of employees effectively. It takes a lot of time and effort to streamline workforce processes. Streamlining can save not only time but also greatly reduces cost of operations.

Manage activities

Increase effectivity of your employees and reduce cost of operations and administrative costs with automatic activity and task reports.

Inventory management

Keep track of all incoming and outgoing materials and products with stock inventory management.

Route optimization

Increase productivity and save fuel costs with intelligent route optimization. Based on itinerary GINA calculates optimal route and provides directions and navigation.


GINA is easily implementable with SAP, ABRA and other ERP systems. We offer customizations to match your company's needs.

Products for workforce management

Our products combine GINA Central for clear operations management and overview and GINA Messenger with personnel trackers for tracking and coordination from the field.

1. Mission control overview

Mission control provides actionable overview for operations that can be use to effectively manage the situation.

GINA Central

The heart of operations. GINA Central provides map overview for operations with real-time updates to and from the field. Use GINA Central to divide area into sectors and give commands to units based on the latest development in the field.

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2. Personnel navigation and route optimization

Second part is focused on helping warehouse workers or technicians make right decisions and quick reports.

GINA Messenger

GINA Messenger is used by personnel in terrain to help them navigate around. GINA Mobile automatically calculates optimal routes and also creates automatic reports, which help with planning, reporting and controlling.

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