Solution for first responders

Complete solution for quick & effective response

In the case of the first response, it's speed and coordination that make the difference. First response unit can't plan ahead and they have to rely on experience to make all the right decisions with limited information and time. GINA First response is a way how to get the maximum amount of information in a short time frame that first responders have.

Accurate navigation

Always know how to get on the location in the shortest way possible using local and up to date maps. Get instant location update from other units.

Real-time coordination

Use the interactive map and reports to coordinate with other units and rescue services. Get all the important information before arriving on the location.

Points of interest

Get important data about the location. See nearby hydrants, medical services, AED's or assess the risks in the area.


Send updates and photos directly from the area. Every update and report is geo-located which helps with evidence tracking. Minimize paperwork with digital reports from the spot.

GINA products for first responders

Combine Intervention Tablets for coordination in vehicles with clear operation overview for commanders using Central dispatching complemented with smarpthone app for chiefs. Easily integratable with 3rd party systems.

GINA Intervention Tablet

GINA Tablet is used mostly in cars, trucks and ambulances for its' navigation purposes. GINA Tablet is also useful for real-time communication and coordination with operations and other units.

for Fire Fighters
for Ambulance
for Helicopters

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GINA Central

GINA Central provides detailed overview over location and status of unites in the field. Use GINA Central to maintain control and provide real-time coordination.

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GINA Messenger

Units in the field can use compact GINA Mobile to communicate with operations directly from the location. It can also be used as a navigation and way how to stay in touch with other forces and units.

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Our references

Firefighters Czech Republic

Delivery of the national project. Integration with 112, More than 500 trucks installed.

Firefighters Slovakia

Upgrade of the 112 system. More than 300 trucks installed.

Firefighters Switzerland

Integration with 112 call delivery system, commander dispatching, cars installation.

HEMS Czech Republic

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service delivery integrated with 112.

Ambulance South Moravian region

Backup system for the Medical Operations Centre.

Ambulance Central Bohemian Region

Delivery of the national project. Integration with 112, More than 75 ambulances installed.

Ambulance Liberec region

Delivery of the national project. Integration with 112, More than 40 ambulances installed.

Police Czech Republic

Anti riots and search and rescue coordination system.