GINA Messenger

GINA Messenger is a mobile field coordination app. It offers GPS tracking with panic button, shared map, chat channels, incident reporting and more.

Be in control. Everywhere.

Smart application designed for coordination of staff in the field via real-time interactive map. GINA Messenger allows users to collect and display tactical data (active zones, POIs, navigation, waypoints), share their location, use various modes (incognito, SOS, etc.), create incident reports and communicate with each other (group messaging, photos). Thanks to safety features users are warned in case of imminent danger or emergency.


Shared Map

Map presents a real-time picture of the situation. It shows locations of teammates, assigned waypoints and field reports. It also allows navigation to the assigned destination.

Privacy-friendly Tracking

The app shares its current location with the others in the same group but it also offers an incognito mode when the current location is hidden unless an emergency situation occurs. The user can also set statuses like en-route and panic.

Reporting & Chat

GINA enables its users to communicate via multiple chat channels and share field reports with pictures through customizable forms.

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