Solution for security management

Complete solution for people & vehicle protection

GINA introduces features enabling more complex and efficient security management. It allows creation of warden systems, mapping of evacuation routes, collection of incident reports and in combination with real-time location tracking it helps the users to make better informed decisions.


Whether you're preparing concept of operations (CONOPS) or whole mission, you can use GINA's powerful features to help quickly set up. Use built-in worldwide maps to setup geo-fences, make and update residences list directly in the local map and prepare plans for crisis.

Track and protect

Protect your assets by keeping an eye on their location and movement with real-time coordination. We provide GPS, GSM and satellite trackers for personnel and vehicle protection. Everything is shown directly in the map.

Incident mapping & Risk analytics

Mark incidents in real time like road blocks or closed roads directly in the map. Assess risk based on historic data in the area.


Save time with automatic reporting. See summary of events, incidents and vehicle movement.

GINA products for security management

Our products combine GINA Central for clear overview and personnel and vehicle trackers for tracking.

1. Mission control overview

First part of our security solutions is focused on providing actionable overview for security managers.

GINA Central

The heart of operations. Use Gina Central to prepare the mission, geo-fences, residences list and plan for crisis. Track assets and personnel directly on the map. Communicate with teams in real-time. Analyse risks and map incidents. Save time by automatic reporting.

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2. Security tracking

Second part is focused on protection of personnel and vehicle directly in the field.

GINA Messenger

Mobile app for personnel and security managers. Install on Android to keep up with recent developments in the area. Broadcast and receive real-time updates and create reports directly in the app. Use GPS in your phone to be tracked in case of emergency.

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Vehicle tracker

Insert GINA tracker into vehicles to maintain control over their location, speed and direction. GINA Vehicle tracker can be installed secretly in any car so not even the driver knows that the car is tracked, which is useful for theft prevention. GINA trackers use GPS and GSM tracking.

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Iridium network

Iridium is the world largest satellite network. Iridium is useful when you are outside GPS/GSM signal but you need fast and reliable tracking updates.

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GINA Intervention Tablet

Tablet app for coordination of intervention units in the field. It guides the user through the whole event and provides him with tactical support and access to the additional information. The app provably improves arrival times during at least every third event.

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